WSL是最好的Linux发行版 —— Windows10


$ git config --global core.autocrlf true


$ git config --global core.autocrlf input


If you already have checked out the code, the files are already indexed. After changing your git settings you should refresh the indexes with

git rm --cached -r . 

and re-write git index with

git reset --hard





因为换行符不一样,提交代码的修改内容时,Git可能会认为对每一行都做了修改,从而在后面合并分支等流程中遇到让人崩溃的问题。即便是在本地,也可能在Windows系统下Git status查看当前代码的状态是没任何改动,但是切换到WSL中,Git却提示所有的文件都发生了变化。下面可以做一个实验复现一下这个问题。





git config core.autocrlf true

可以从截图中看出来,一开始git status还提示有两个未提交的修改,后面就没问题了。




下面是 Git官网给出的说明


If you’re programming on Windows and working with people who are not (or vice-versa), you’ll probably run into line-ending issues at some point. This is because Windows uses both a carriage-return character and a linefeed character for newlines in its files, whereas macOS and Linux systems use only the linefeed character. This is a subtle but incredibly annoying fact of cross-platform work; many editors on Windows silently replace existing LF-style line endings with CRLF, or insert both line-ending characters when the user hits the enter key.

Git can handle this by auto-converting CRLF line endings into LF when you add a file to the index, and vice versa when it checks out code onto your filesystem. You can turn on this functionality with the core.autocrlf setting. If you’re on a Windows machine, set it to true — this converts LF endings into CRLF when you check out code:

$ git config --global core.autocrlf true

If you’re on a Linux or macOS system that uses LF line endings, then you don’t want Git to automatically convert them when you check out files; however, if a file with CRLF endings accidentally gets introduced, then you may want Git to fix it. You can tell Git to convert CRLF to LF on commit but not the other way around by setting core.autocrlf to input:

$ git config --global core.autocrlf input

This setup should leave you with CRLF endings in Windows checkouts, but LF endings on macOS and Linux systems and in the repository.

If you’re a Windows programmer doing a Windows-only project, then you can turn off this functionality, recording the carriage returns in the repository by setting the config value to false:

$ git config --global core.autocrlf false

以及 StackOverflow上给出的建议

These messages are due to incorrect default value of core.autocrlf on Windows.

The concept of autocrlf is to handle line endings conversions transparently. And it does!

Bad news: value needs to be configured manually. Good news: it should only be done ONE time per git installation (per project setting is also possible).

How autocrlf works:

core.autocrlf=true:      core.autocrlf=input:     core.autocrlf=false:

        repo                     repo                     repo
      ^      V                 ^      V                 ^      V
     /        \               /        \               /        \
crlf->lf    lf->crlf     crlf->lf       \             /          \      
   /            \           /            \           /            \

Here crlf = win-style end-of-line marker, lf = unix-style (and mac osx).

(pre-osx cr in not affected for any of three options above)

When does this warning show up (under Windows)

autocrlf = true if you have unix-style lf in one of your files (= RARELY), – autocrlf = input if you have win-style crlf in one of your files (= almost ALWAYS), – autocrlf = false – NEVER!

What does this warning mean

The warning “LF will be replaced by CRLF” says that you (having autocrlf=true) will lose your unix-style LF after commit-checkout cycle (it will be replaced by windows-style CRLF). Git doesn’t expect you to use unix-style LF under windows.

The warning “CRLF will be replaced by LF” says that you (having autocrlf=input) will lose your windows-style CRLF after a commit-checkout cycle (it will be replaced by unix-style LF). Don’t use input under windows.

Yet another way to show how autocrlf works

1) true:             x -> LF -> CRLF
2) input:            x -> LF -> LF
3) false:            x -> x -> x

where x is either CRLF (windows-style) or LF (unix-style) and arrows stand for

file to commit -> repository -> checked out file

How to fix

Default value for core.autocrlf is selected during git installation and stored in system-wide gitconfig (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\git\etc\gitconfig). Also there’re (cascading in the following order):

– “global” (per-user) gitconfig located at ~/.gitconfig, yet another – “global” (per-user) gitconfig at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/git/config or $HOME/.config/git/config and – “local” (per-repo) gitconfig at .git/config in the working dir.

So, write git config core.autocrlf in the working dir to check the currently used value and

– add autocrlf=false to system-wide gitconfig # per-system solution – git config --global core.autocrlf false # per-user solution – git config --local core.autocrlf false # per-project solution

Warningsgit config settings can be overridden by gitattributes settings. – crlf -> lf conversion only happens when adding new files, crlf files already existing in the repo aren’t affected.

Moral (for Windows): - use core.autocrlf = true if you plan to use this project under Unix as well (and unwilling to configure your editor/IDE to use unix line endings), - use core.autocrlf = false if you plan to use this project under Windows only (or you have configured your editor/IDE to use unix line endings), - never use core.autocrlf = input unless you have a good reason to (eg if you’re using unix utilities under windows or if you run into makefiles issues),

PS What to choose when installing git for Windows? If you’re not going to use any of your projects under Unix, don’t agree with the default first option. Choose the third one (Checkout as-is, commit as-is). You won’t see this message. Ever.

PPS My personal preference is configuring the editor/IDE to use Unix-style endings, and setting core.autocrlf to false.


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